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The creative studio of
Tommy & Emily Bailey

Our team has a passion, in everything we do, to create beautiful and functional work.  We love working with churches, ministries, and non-profits around the world, and our experiences have shaped the way we approach each creative project that comes our way.  There is an intrinsic need for quality creative communication in every organization that has a message, and our goal is to help facilitate and express that message.

By design, we are not a large creative studio, but our team's understanding of the unique needs of the clients we serve help us to produce big work across the globe.  If you talk with any of our clients, we think you'll find our strengths to be an uncommon pairing of creativity and organization, both of which are imperative to a successful project.  We enjoy working with our clients and we are excited about the work that they are doing.  It is always our hope that what we do is a blessing to them and to the people they serve.

If you would really like to get in the mind of our geeky team, you can watch this movie, read this book, or follow this website or you can just give us a call to chat. We'd love to talk with you!  If you are ever in the Nashville area, let us know.  A cup of coffee and conversation is always a blessing to us.

Why We Do What We Do

Collision Media was formed out of a church plant.  Founders Tommy and Emily Bailey both grew up in homes with parents who worked in churches. This experience taught them both the value of ministry through the local church. When Tommy accepted a call to help start a church with his family, he jumped at the chance and through the process, began to understand even more, the need for churches, ministries, and non-profits of all sizes to have quality creative communication. After Tommy and Emily married, they began to offer their services of web design and development, graphic design, photography, and consultation to other organizations.

For over ten years Tommy and Emily, have been an education, design, and development resource for churches, ministries, and non-profits around the world. Our team is heavily involved in their own respective churches and Collision Media works with the local needs of their city, Nashville, Tennessee.

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Tommy & Emily Bailey
Founders of Collision Media