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Website Packages

Custom Responsive Design

Our team of artists and developers will work with you to design a beautiful website that will vibrantly communicate the heart of your church, ministry, or organization.

Custom+ Responsive Design

Includes everything we offer in our Custom Responsive Design package, but adds several additional design and layout features. See our Summary of Services PDF to learn more.

Semi-Custom Responsive Design

Our design team will customize the design aesthetics of your favorite Collision template to match your unique brand and identity. This is a cost-effective way to a beautiful website.

Branding Package

Our team of artists work with you to design more than just a logo, but an identity. Each branding package comes with an individual branding style guide for your organization.

Online Classes

Ever wanted to learn how to create top notch graphics for your website? Have you ever seen a photo that you loved, but you’re not sure you could take something quite as good? Now is your opportunity to learn from our world class team. Sign up today to take an hour long class to learn the tips and tricks of the trade, and take your organization to the next level!

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Tommy & Emily Bailey
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